AC/DC Current Sensor CT6877A

Supports Current Measurement of Inverters with High Current and High Speed

Hioki's pass-through type AC/DC current sensors can be connected directly to Hioki Power Analyzers and Memory HiCorders. Also, it can be connected to Power Meters, Oscilloscopes, DMMs, etc. by using an optional sensor unit.

The CT6877A has a frequency bandwidth of DC to 1 MHz and a rated current of 2000 A. It can easily handle large current measurements of electric vehicles such as EVs and HEVs. The CT6877A is also used for R&D, quality evaluation, manufacturing, and maintenance in markets such as wireless charging systems, inverter motors for industrial equipment, power conditioners for PV, and quick charging facilities for EVs.

Key Features
  • Combined accuracy with HIOKI power analyzer PW8001, PW6001 and PW3390 is specified. For details of combined accuracy, refer to the instruction manual.
  • Measures high-current up to 2000 A for EV, HEV and other electric vehicles
  • Improved noise resistance performance through a stronger shield lets you accurately measure current buried in noise
  • High accuracy measurement realized through flat frequency characteristics and CMRR performance
  • More enhanced environmental resistance performance than ever before lets you measure in -40 to 85°C situations
  • Superior frequency characteristics of DC to 1 MHz (amplitude)
  • Meet a wide range of applications from measuring battery charge/discharge to the secondary side of inverters in photovoltaic power generation and fuel cell evaluation, etc. 
  • Monitor waveforms when paired with oscilloscopes or Memory HiCorders and Sensor Unit

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