Salt Spray Test Chamber

  • Use Hard PVC, anti-corrosion.
  • PID control.
  • Spray time adjustable.
  • Fine glass nozzle
  • Need 2HP air compressor.

Product Description

Salt spray corrosion test chamber (Salt spray test chamber, salt box, salt spray test machine, salt spray corrosion test chamber) can be used to assessing the ability of salt spray corrosion resistant materials. It can be used to assessment materials and their resistance to salt spray corrosion protection layer capacity, whether you are testing hardware industry, screw industry, electroplate industry, automotive and motorcycle parts, communication industry, computer industry, electronic industry, coating industry, research institution, etc, our salt spray test chamber can give you a best solution.

Control system

Smart high precision digital PID control microcomputer control instruments, error of ± 0.1 ° C, thin film KEY BOARD buttons,digital and direct display, temperature control, power output by the microcomputer algorithm to achieve high precision and high efficiency power efficiency. Our salt spray test chamber are equipped with water shortage warning system, all heaters are over-temperature protection with electronic and mechanical devices. Multiple system protection, the use of safe and reliable.

  1. Interior and exterior use hard PVC, anti-corrosion, anti-aging  with smooth and beautiful surface
  2. Cover use hard transparent PMM or hard PVC, can view specimen status anytime
  3. Fine glass nozzle ensures uniform diffusion of spray and not being blocked by crystal, which further maintain standard and quality of continuous test.
  4. Spray time is adjustable
  5. High precision temperature controller with digital display introducing P.I.D. automatic tuning control.
  6. Double over heating protection and low water level alarm ensures operation safety.
  7. Demist function: water sealed chamber cover
  8. Comply with international standard like ISO 9227, ASTM B117, CNS, JIS, DIN, GB, BS, IEC, MIL, etc.

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